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Traffic congestion, loss of green space, the cost of infrastructure, and a desire for more housing options have all made in-fill mixed-use development a powerful strategy for revitalizing communities, stimulating economic growth and protecting the environment.

In addition, there’s a strong desire in our cities for community interaction – the need to be with other people in places close to where they live that are inviting, engaging, and safe. We desire places that have been designed, built, and maintained to lift our spirit.

REC understands that to create a sustainable environment that lifts our spirit, an enjoyable place in which to shop, live, and work, we should focus on three specific and interconnected elements:

Physical Environment

Configuring buildings and public spaces and the interconnections between and among them in a way that facilitates and encourages human activity and interaction is critical to creating a special place and needs to include:

  • A physical environment that promotes walking and biking.
  • A streetscape environment that offers comfortable spaces, proper landscaping, that is well maintained.
  • Public spaces designed to accommodate a wide range of activities.
  • Properly situated and designed buildings that include human-scale elements that are respectful to the surrounding residential districts.
Mixed-Use Environment

Mixed-uses create critical mass and a sense of place by affording the community a wider range of goods, services, and experiences at one location, thereby increasing connectivity and choice and reducing vehicular trips. Well-designed higher-density developments, properly integrated into an existing community, can become significant community assets that add to the quality of life and property values for existing residents. Successful mixed-use environments offer:

  • A mix of retail and restaurant experiences that cater to the neighborhood.
  • Office uses that allow more services to be closer to home; enhance the retail customer base; and provide opportunity for shared parking within the district.
  • Higher density and diverse residential offerings that evolve with the changing demographics of a community.
  • Public, community, educational, and cultural uses.
Functional Environment

The movement through and around by foot, vehicle, bicycle or other means of transportation must be safe, comfortable, and efficient. Parking must be adequate, accessible, secure, and discreetly placed. Attention must be given to:

  • A physical environment that promotes walking and bicycling.
  • Automobile traffic that flows at an appropriate pace for the environment.
  • Transit that could offer exciting connections to regional employment and cultural centers.
  • Efficiency of services to the district.
  • REC offers a skilled team of real estate professionals who understand these elements and how to apply them effectively to each setting.