Real Estate Collaborative, LLC
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Experience & Creativity

Real Estate Collaborative, LLC (REC) was formed in 2002 to focus on the development of mixed-use, infill projects that become gathering places for the communities in which they are built. REC is comprised of an experienced team of real estate professionals who have successfully developed, marketed and managed commercial and residential assets all over the state of Florida. From large-scale urban commercial properties to vibrant retail environments and residential communities of all sizes, the REC team has successfully managed millions of dollars in real estate investments for a wide spectrum of owners.

REC believes that value in real estate is created and enhanced by the rigorous management of all aspects of the investment, from the soundness of the business plan, through effective execution of the plan, to the management of the day-to-day life of the asset. In today’s economic environment, creating, protecting, and enhancing value is “job one.” REC combines a team of goal-oriented real estate professionals with creativity, vision, and focus to deliver value for its clients. Let REC deliver high-performing assets for you.